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Sports Website Features Olympics Software -

Vancouver, British Columbia (August 26, 2000) - PrimaSoft PC, Inc. has announced the availability of, an Internet site that makes it easy for sports fans to find Windows sports software, sports pictures, and links to dozens of sports news sites.

Featured on are four sports organizers that let sports fans, enthusiasts, sports clubs, and athletes quickly and easily organize and catalog their sports data: Olympic Organizer Deluxe, Golf Organizer Deluxe, Tennis Organizer Deluxe, and Formula1 Organizer Deluxe.

Olympic Organizer Deluxe, released in time for tracking the events at the Sydney Olympics, comes with ready-to-use templates that make it easy to capture and track sports information. Using the pre-defined templates for the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the Atlanta 1996 Olympics, the Star Diary, the Athlete Organizer, and the Sport Web Organizer, it's easy to track all of the personalities and activities at all of your favorite Olympic events. Using the Olympic Organizer Deluxe's Wizards, you can design your own templates to keep track of your favorite teams, athletes, events, and games.

As with the Olympic Organizer, the Golf, Tennis, and Formula1 Organizers also come with easy-to-use pre-defined templates, or let you take total control over the structure of the database, and the way information appears in data-collection screens, and on labels and reports.

The Organizers make it easy to retrieve and view your sports data in a variety of ways. Flexible searching, powerful filtering, and multilevel sorting allow you to find and retrieve your information quickly and easily.

The Organizers on include web-ready features such as the ability to send e-mail and launch web pages from within each program. You can also view your data and images in web page format.

To help you capture all of the sports information you need, the Organizers support character, numeric, and date fields, as well as image fields for pictures that you've collected on the Internet, e-mails, web addresses, and even table fields for storing spreadsheets of box scores and tournament results.

The Organizers' Report Wizard, Label Wizard, and HTML Generator Wizard make it easy to create professional documents, web pages, catalogs, inventory reports, and labels, with complete control over the placement of information and the use of color and graphics.

Each of PrimaSoft's Sports Organizer Deluxe programs runs under Windows, costs $65(US), and may be ordered securely online from A trial version of each Sports Organizer Deluxe can be downloaded from the same site. Group purchases and site licenses are available. For more information, contact PrimaSoft PC, Inc., PO Box 456, Surrey, BC V3T 5B7 Canada. E-mail: Internet:

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Since 1995, PrimaSoft has been developing and marketing database programs for the Windows platform. Designed for collectors, hobbyists, and dealers, PrimaSoft's programs make it easy to track books, stamps, coins, music, recipes, and anything that can be collected, traded, or sold. In addition to Olympic, Golf, Tennis, and Formula1 Organizer Deluxe, PrimaSoft will be releasing later this year Organizer Deluxe database software for Hockey, Boxing, and Basketball.

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